Bee Blissful Event Rentals


About Bee Blissful Event Rentals

Bee Blissful was created by a Mother of a Bride who was assisting her daughter in creating the vision she dreamed of for her upcoming wedding. The bride wanted a refined look, trending designs, and a cohesive flow for her big day. This is how Bee Blissful was born!


We are always looking for what is trending at weddings and events around the country and building our inventory to suit the vibe of beautiful Southern California! We strive to provide our clients and their guests a welcoming and beautiful space to enjoy at all their special events. We look forward to making memories with you!


Why BEE Blissful?  Bees are our spirit animal. They are the most industrious creatures on the planet, and they teach balance in our lives. Throughout history, a bee has symbolized and embodied focus, new beginnings, hard work, teamwork, generosity, prosperity, and community.  We strive to have all of those qualities at Bee Blissful Event Rentals!

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